Women in the Cigar Industry: The Importance of Inclusivity & Our History

In the past, the cigar industry was primarily viewed as a male-dominated field. From smoky lounges to images of men indulging in their favorite cigars, the perception has long been that it’s a male-only pastime. However, this perspective is changing, and the evolving landscape of the cigar industry is increasingly embracing inclusivity, particularly when it comes to women. Here at TG Cigar, we are proud to be a part of this transformation, celebrating the significant contributions of women in the cigar industry and promoting an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the rich culture of cigars.

TG Cigar: A Trailblazer in Inclusivity

TG Cigar, located in the heart of Washington, DC, is proud to be a woman-owned business where one-third of our customers are women. The visionary behind this cigar lounge is Negest Dawit, affectionately known as TG. Originally from Ethiopia, TG embodies the essence of a resilient and astute female entrepreneur. Her journey in the cigar industry began in 2004 with a modest sales position at a local cigar shop, where she quickly discovered her fervent calling.

Encouraged by her manager and buoyed by the valuable connections she made during her time in sales, TG took the leap to establish her own cigar emporium. In 2006, she found the perfect small, dusty storefront on 9th Street, which she envisioned as the haven for her vision. With meticulous research, extensive renovations, and a deep dive into the intricacies of the local scene, TG Cigar Lounge came to life. This milestone made her the sole female cigar store owner in the nation’s capital.

Breaking Stereotypes

Women have always been a part of the cigar world, but their contributions have often gone unnoticed. In the past, female roles were limited to factory workers or administrative positions. Today, women are breaking into roles that were once considered off-limits. Female cigar enthusiasts are now master blenders, cigar makers, and even business owners. Their nuanced understanding of flavor profiles and blending techniques has added a fresh perspective to cigar making. Their growing presence in the industry breaks stereotypes and demonstrates that cigar appreciation transcends gender.

Pioneering Female Figures

The cigar industry has its share of pioneering women who have defied the odds to make their mark. From María Sierra, the first female roller in Cuba, to Avelina Salinas, a prominent figure in the Miami cigar scene, these women have shown that passion and skill know no gender boundaries. In today’s world, you find women at the helm of cigar brands, rolling exceptional blends, and creating spaces where other women feel welcome to explore their love of cigars.

Changing the Culture

The growing presence of women in the cigar world is reshaping the culture. Cigar lounges and shops are more welcoming and inclusive, offering a diverse range of cigar selections and experiences tailored to all enthusiasts. At TG Cigar, we actively promote an environment where anyone interested in cigars feels welcome. We provide a safe, comfortable space where women and men alike can explore the world of cigars, learn, and share experiences.

Empowering Women Enthusiasts

The rise of female cigar enthusiasts is inspiring. They are creating online communities, sharing their cigar journeys on social media, and forming sisterhoods centered on their passion for cigars. These communities empower women to break the stigma associated with female cigar smoking and celebrate their love for the craft. Brands and lounges like TG Cigar are recognizing this shift and embracing female clientele by fostering welcoming spaces and offering experiences that resonate with women.

The Future of Inclusivity

Inclusivity in the cigar industry is not just about recognizing female contributions; it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued. This means breaking down barriers, educating the community about the evolving cigar culture, and celebrating diversity. At TG Cigar, we are committed to supporting inclusivity and empowering all cigar enthusiasts, regardless of gender. We invite everyone to join us and experience a community where you can connect, learn, and enjoy the rich culture of cigars.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that the cigar industry is evolving. The rise of women in the field is just the beginning, and we are excited to see where this journey of inclusivity will lead.



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