Negest Dawit, affectionately referred to as TG by her friends and family, is redefining the essence of a resilient and astute female entrepreneur. Originally from Ethiopia, TG has found her way to the heart of our nation’s capital, where she brings her wealth of wisdom, experience, and unwavering passion for her business to her cigar shop on 9th Street, aptly named TG Cigar Lounge.

What began as a modest sales position at a local cigar shop back in 2004 quickly transformed into a fervent calling that inspired her to establish her own cigar emporium. With the encouragement of her manager and the valuable connections forged during her time working, TG summoned the courage to embark on her entrepreneurial journey. She stumbled upon a small, dusty storefront in 2006, which she instantly recognized as the perfect haven for her vision. It demanded time, meticulous research, thorough renovation, and a deep dive into the intricacies of Washington DC before she finally realized her dream, becoming the sole female cigar store owner in the nation’s capital.

Today, TG Cigar Lounge proudly showcases a substantial inventory of the world’s finest and most popular cigars, catering to a diverse clientele that includes business professionals, politicians, and members of various cigar clubs. Remarkably, one-third of her patrons are women. In 2020, she acquired the building located at 1120 9th Street, dedicating a year to its transformation and the creation of a new, luxurious cigar lounge. This establishment offers top-notch cigars alongside a fully stocked bar and lounge area, allowing patrons to indulge in smoking, sipping, and relaxation in the epitome of style. TG takes immense pride in personally connecting with her customers, a quality that sets her Washington DC cigar lounge apart, making it exceptionally welcoming and unique.


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