Cigar Aging: How to Properly Store and Age Your Cigars

For many cigar enthusiasts, the process of aging cigars is as satisfying as smoking them. Aging cigars can transform a good cigar into a great one, deepening flavors and rounding out harshness. However, proper storage is crucial to this transformation. At TG Cigar, we understand the importance of cigar care, and this guide will help you master the art of storing and aging your cigars.

Understanding Cigar Aging

1. Why Age Cigars? Aging cigars allows the tobaccos within a cigar to mature and meld together, resulting in a smoother, richer, and more balanced smoke. The aging process can also decrease the acidity and increase the sweetness of the tobacco, enhancing the overall complexity of the flavor.

2. The Chemistry Behind Aging: Over time, the natural oils and sugars within the tobacco leaves interact, a process that is enhanced in a controlled environment. This interaction develops new flavors and aroma compounds, much like aging fine wine.

Creating the Ideal Storage Environment

1. The Role of Humidors: A humidor is not just a storage box but a controlled micro-environment designed to maintain a consistent humidity level and temperature. The ideal humidity for storing cigars is between 68-72%, and the temperature should be kept around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This stability is key to preventing the tobacco from drying out or becoming too moist, which can lead to mold.

2. Choosing the Right Humidor: Select a humidor that suits the size of your collection and is made of Spanish cedar, which helps regulate humidity and imparts a complementary aroma to the cigars.

Tips for Aging Cigars

1. How to Store Cigars:

  • Always keep cigars in a humidor out of direct sunlight.
  • For long-term aging, consider leaving the cigars in their original boxes to preserve individual character, stacking them with enough space for air circulation.
  • Rotate your cigars every few months to ensure even humidity distribution.

2. How Long to Age Cigars: The ideal aging time varies depending on the cigar’s origin, blend, and your personal taste. Many aficionados find that aging cigars for one to three years enhances their complexity significantly. However, some cigars can be aged for decades, continuing to evolve and improve.

3. Monitoring Your Cigars: Regularly check your humidor’s humidity and temperature with a reliable hygrometer. Inspect your cigars occasionally for signs of damage or mold, and enjoy testing them at various stages to understand how the flavors develop over time.

Aging your cigars is a rewarding endeavor that requires patience and attention to detail. By understanding the factors that influence cigar aging and implementing best practices for storage, you can elevate your smoking experience and enjoy cigars that are not only preserved but perfected over time. Embrace the journey of cigar aging and unlock the full potential of each smoke.



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